Short Stories III

Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2

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37 photos/illustrations - 210 pages
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Paperback: $11.99 SALE $5.99
37 photos/illustrations - 210 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-950052-06-6


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The debut volume

The debut volume
The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2

Private investigator Armand Arnolfini springs back into action as he engages a new array of baffling art mysteries in this second installment in the Arnolfini Art Mysteries series.

Continuing chronologically from his previous escapades, Armand teams up with his new wife, Andrea, to confront sly art forgers, black market racketeers, and ruthless killers, while seeking to recover great works of art and solve old mysteries surrounding famous architecture.

Join the Arnolfinis as they hunt down Leonardo’s lost Leda and the Swan, works by the sculptor Jean Carpeaux, famous architects, engage in a double murder at the Poe Cottage Museum, and track down an unknown work by the shunned female Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi.

Artemisia receives special attention in a chapter that brings personal meaning to the Arnolfinis’ own lives. Especially in today’s world of the #MeToo movement, Artemisia’s own rape and determination to win respect and equal treatment offers readers a poignant and powerful tale.

Meanwhile, DiSilvio’s rich narratives and colorful characters bring together five linked cases to form one sweeping novel of Arnolfini’s perpetual quest to save great works of art from falling into oblivion.

Entertaining and enlightening, Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2 is handsomely accompanied by photos of famous paintings and illustrations by the author/artist, making this series a visual feast as well as a riveting collection of art mysteries. (TopShelf Winner for Best Cover Art)

CHAPTERS: Leonardo's Leda, The Carpeaux Caper, The Poe-pourri Mystery, The Five and Dime Mystery, and Amnesia for Artemisia.

TopShelf Book Cover Award

All orders come autographed by the author/artist.


Terrific Whodunit Mysteries
This is Arnolfini #2 from DiSilvio and just like the first, it presents terrific short stories/mysteries involving the art world. I avoided the Art History elective in college because I had no experience in the subject but DiSilvio presents art in a very likable, friendly way and that makes his stories that much more intriguing.

The stories keep and hold your interest and make you want more of them, more detail, more history. And that's the beauty of all of DiSilvio's books, they invite you into worlds previously heard of, but still unknown for the most part, worlds waiting to be explored and enjoyed. — Steve Painter

Literary and Visual Enlightenment in Fine Mysteries!
Rich has created a charismatic character, private eye Armand Arnolfini, whose forte is investigating art crimes, uncovering a variety of forgers and thieves and the outer zone of criminals. He is now accompanied by his wife Andrea. Each story is accompanied by the author/artist’s illustrations that enhance the credibility of each adventure.

Not only are the mysteries well written and involving, but Rich ads enough actual historical information (as is his style) to make each story as educational about the arts as well as pure entertainment for mystery buffs.

Impressive as his credentials are, there is no comparison to becoming immersed in DiSilvio's brilliant stories – tales that transports into other worlds – whether in timeframe or intrigue. Rich is a gifted artist on many levels and his talent continues to grow. Highly recommended! — Grady Harp

Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2 by Rich DiSilvio is another fantastic collection of stories featuring private eye Armand Arnolfini. Soon after Armand's wedding to his new bride, Armand's father implores him to do some more investigating. From there the stories unfold, and you delve into an amazing and intriguing world of art and art history.

If you have some knowledge of art this is a great book to expand your knowledge. If you have little to no knowledge this is an excellent source to build your art acumen under the guidance of fictionalized characters. The book is filled with illustrations, photos, and details that encompass the fine art world. DiSilvio knows his art and history and has put together an interesting and engaging book that is highly recommended. — V.E.

Culture Meets Smart & Sophisticated
Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2 by Rich DiSilvio is a sophisticated series of short stories that involve a master sleuth, his co-partner and recent bride, the quest to recover lost works of art and surrounding plots that will engage and captivate the reader.

The stories revolve around art treasures that have been stolen, forged or otherwise missing. Also woven into the tapestries of these exhilarating stories are shady characters that frequent the black market as well as racketeers and killers.

What is most interesting are the back stories associated with the exquisite creations that are being pursued by this sophisticated couple.

The beauty of these stories as captured Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2 by Rich DiSilvio is not only that they are engaging, creative, and exciting, but they are very smartly written. This exceptional writing is demonstrated with the development of the characters and the sophistication of their interaction with people of wealth as they seek to recover lost treasures and masterpieces created by talented renowned artists. — Brian A.


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