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Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2

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37 photos/illustrations - 210 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-950052-06-6


Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2

Private investigator Armand Arnolfini springs back into action as he engages a new array of baffling art mysteries in this second installment in the Arnolfini Art Mysteries series.

Continuing chronologically from his previous escapades, Armand teams up with his new wife, Andrea, to confront sly art forgers, black market racketeers, and ruthless killers, while seeking to recover great works of art and solve mysteries surrounding famous architecture.

From the hunt for Leonardo’s Leda and the Swan to works by the sculptor Jean Carpeaux, and from famous architects and women artists to even becoming entangled in a disturbing double murder at the Poe Cottage Museum, Armand races against the clock to save precious works of art from falling into oblivion.

Each chapter features a self-contained mystery, offering closure, yet are sequentially connected, thereby creating a sweeping story of Armand's intriguing escapades.

CONTENTS: Leonardo's Leda, The Carpeaux Caper, The Poe-pourri Mystery, The Five and Dime Mystery, and Amnesia for Artemisia.

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