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Liszt's Life
World Events
Settles in Weimar. Writes Consolations and begins work on Les Préludes and Berg Symphony. Wagner writes Lohengrin. Donizetti and Chateaubriand die. Uprisings in most European countries, Louis Napoleon elected president.
Liszt aids Wagner's escape to Switzerland after he flees Dresden revolt. Liszt conducts Tannhauser. Chopin dies. Schumann writes Manfred. Garabaldi overthrown.
Prometheus first version performed. Composes Héroïde funèbre and Ad nos, ad salutarem undam. Balzac dies.
Bulow becomes Liszt's pupil. Writes Mazeppa, two Polonaises, and the final versions of the Transcendental Études and the Grand Études of Paganini. Writes book F. Chopin. Melville publishes Moby Dick. Verdi writes Rigoletto. Wagner writes book Opera and Drama.
Liszt conducts the premieres of Schumann's Manfred and Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini. Joachim turns-coat and leaves Liszt circle. Cornelius comes onboard. Napoleon III establishes Second Empire in France.
Writes Sonata in B minor, Ballade no.2 and Festklänge. Liszt visits children & mother in Paris with Carolyne and Wagner. Verdi writes both Il Trovatore and La Traviata
Orpheus and Festklänge receive premieres while Les Préludes, Mazeppa and Tasso reach final versions. Faust Symphony composed save the final chorus. Hungaria is composed. George Eliot visits Weimar. Janácek & Humperdinck born. Harriet Smithson & Lamennais die. Berlioz writes L'enfance du Christ
Piano Concerto no.1 premieres with Liszt at piano and Berlioz conducting. Liszt hosts the second Berlioz festival Missa Solennis and Prelude & Fugue on BACH composed. Tausig becomes Liszt's pupil. Final version of Prometheus performed and Psalm 13. First performance of Ad Nos. Paris World Fair. Steinway NY introduces cross-stringing in new pianos. Lord Leighton's Cimabue's Madonna is a major success at the Royal Academy.
Liszt hosts a Centenary Mozart Festival & another Berlioz Festival. Missa Solennis and Hungaria premiere in Hungary. Dante Symphony reaches completion. Heine & Schumann die.
Piano Concerto no.2 and final version of Berg Symphony premiere, along with Sonata in B minor, Faust Symphony, Dante Symphony, Héroïde funèbre, Battle of the Huns. Smetana visits Liszt. Cosima marries von Bulow and Blandine marries Emile Ollivier. Czerny and Glinka die. Elgar born. Baudelaire writes Les Fleurs du Mal. Wagner beginsTristan while putting The Ring on hold.
Hamlet composed. Liszt premieres Cornelius' The Barber of Baghdad only to receive vicious attacks prompting his resignation. Puccini and Leoncavallo born. Berlioz finishes Les Troyens. Teddy Roosevelt is born.
Relations with Wagner become strained. Writes book The Gypsies and their music in Hungary. Liszt's son Daniel dies in is arms at age 20. Darwin's On the Origin of Species is published. Austria is defeated in Italy during Franco-Austrian War.
Joachim and Brahms publish bitting Manifesto against Liszt and the moderns. Liszt's first grandchild Daniela von Bulow is born. Writes Two Episodes from Lenau's Faust and Les Morts in memory of his son Daniel. Gustave Mahler and Paderewski born. Victor Emmanuel is proclaimed King of Italy by Garabaldi.
While visiting Paris Liszt plays for Napoleon III and meets Bizet, Marie d'Agoult and Wagner. Liszt's marraige to Carolyne in Rome comes to naught as difficulties over Carolyne's annulment in the Vatican proves to be a last minute sabatoge to their long awaited hopes. American Civil War breaks out. Wagner's Paris performance of Tannhauser turns sour. Gustave Doré publishes his Dante's Inferno plates at own expense and achieves huge success.
Liszt's daughter Blandine dies giving birth to Daniel. St. Elisabeth oratorio finished. Writes Cantico del sol di St. Francesco di'Assisi. Debussy and Delius born. Victor Hugo writes Les Misérables.
Liszt enters into the Madonna del Rosario monastery in Rome. He plays the piano for the Pope. Delacroix dies. Mascagni and Henry Ford are born.
Meets Wagner who is under the patronage of the infatuated Ludwig II of Bavaria, who vows to see Richard reach his ultimate goals. Yet Cosima also has her eyes on Richard as the adulterous affair strains the Liszt -Wagner union. Liszt writes La Notte in memory of his daughter Blandine. R.Strauss and d'Albert born. Meyerbeer dies. Ludwig II becomes King of Bavaria.
Isolde is born of Cosima and Richard Wagner. Liszt enters the Vatican and receives the tonsure and minor orders. Bulow performs Liszt's Totentanz. Liszt goes to Pest for the premiere of St. Elisabeth desperately dragging Bulow and Cosima along in hopes of salvaging their marraige. Writes the Missa Choralis. American Civil War ends. President Lincoln is assassinated. Sibelius and Dukas are born.
Liszt's mother dies. It's the last time he sees Marie d'Agoult. Sgambati conducts the Dante Symphony at the inauguration of the Sala Dante in Rome. Spanish Rhapsody & Les Préludes performed in Amsterdam. Liszt & Saint-Saens play Dante Symphony for 2 pianos at artist Gustave Doré's house. Busoni & Satie born. Smetana writes The Bartered Bride.
With Christus complete Sgambati conducts the first part in Rome. Liszt attends the Hungarian Coronation Mass performance in Pest. St. Elisabeth performed in Weimar. Ingres & Baudelaire die. Granados born. Wagner writes Die Meistersinger and Verdi writes Don Carlos.
Liszt performs a fund raising concert in Rome for the needy. Liszt performs in the Vatican Library for the Pope and dignitaries.Cosima leaves Bulow to live with Wagner. Poet Longfellow and artist George Healy visit Liszt in Rome. Rossini dies. Grieg writes Piano Concerto.


Liszt begins his threefold life; winter & spring in Budapest -summer in Weimar and autumn in Rome. Dante Symphony andHunagria performed. Berlioz & Lamartine die. Suez Canal is opened.
Missa Choralis performed. Cosima finally receives divorce and marries Wagner. Liszt attends the premiere of Wagner's Die Walkure. Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea published. Lenin and Lehár born. Liszt's Son in law Emile Ollivier becomes French premier. Rome becomes the Capitol of Italy.
Liszt travels to Leipzig with Carl Tausig and attends performances of his works. Olga Janina attempts to kill Liszt and then herself in Pest. Tausig, Thalberg and Auber die. Wilhelm becomes Emperor of Germany and Bismarck Chancellor. Verdi writes Aida.
Liszt receives invitation from Wagner, after long silence, for the foundation-stone ceremony in Bayreuth.Wagners visit Liszt, first meeting in 5 years. Pupils from all parts of Europe flock to Weimar to study with Liszt. Scriabin & Vaughan Williams born. Nietzsche writes The Birth of Tragedy. Mark Twain writes Tom Sawyer.
Christus, full-score, premiere conducted by Liszt in Weimar with Wagners present. A Jubilee of Liszt's career presented in Hungary. Two episodes from Lenau's Faust performed. Hans Richter performs Christus in Budapest. Bouguereau paints Nymphs and Satyr. Budapest is officially created from the cities Buda and Pest.
In Rome he writes The Bells of Strassburg Cathedral andThe legend of St. Cecilia.. Writes several piano transcriptions of his Symphonic Poems. Holst, Schoenberg & Ives are born. Smetana writes Ma Vlast. Wagner completes The Ring. Harry Houdini is born.
Liszt is appointed president of the Budapest Music Academy. Bells of Straussburg is premiered. Two successful performances of St. Elisabeth in Munich prompt King Ludwig II of Bavaria to schedule two performances in the Court Theater. Ravel and Gliére born. Bizet writes Carmen., Bizet dies.
Transcribes Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre. Charity concert for Budapest flood disaster. Premiere of Hamlet.. Cui visits Liszt, and he meets Tchaikovsky in Bayreuth. Marie d'Agoult and George Sand die. Edison invents the phonograph.
Liszt plays at 50th Beethoven anniversary with an injured finger yet performance is unaffected. Le Triomphe funébre du Tasse premiers. Saint-Saens, Borodin and Fauré visit Liszt. Liszt plays Sonata in B minor at Wagner's house. Troisième Année, Années de Pèlerinage completed. Due to Liszt's efforts Saint-Saens' Samson et Dalila is premiered in Weimar. Claude Monet paints Gare St.Lazare.
Liszt serves as president in the musical instruments section of the World Exhibition in Paris. WritesVia Crucis. Pope Pius IX dies and Pope Leo XIII succeeds. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was formed with Franz Joseph as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary (it was imperative that he was made king with St. Stephen's crown - the crown dating from 1001).
Transcribes Tchaikovsky's Polonaise from Eugene Onegin.. Gives charity concerts for the victims of the Danube floods. A concert in Liszt's honor given at Bosendorfer's. Respighi, Stalin & Einstein are born. Grove publishes Dictionary of Music & Musicians. Edison invents long-lasting light bulb. Sarah Bernhardt gives notable performance in Phedre.
Writes several versions of Romance oubliée and the orchestral version of the Second Mephisto Waltz. Offenbach dies. Bloch born. Rimsky-Korsakov writes May Night.
Writes From the Cradle to the Grave, Nuages gris, Valse oubliée no.1, Csárdás macabre and De Profundis. Liszt takes serious fall down stairs which he never fully recovers. His grand-daughter Daniela joins him in Rome for his 70th birthday. Bartók & Picasso are born. Mussorgsky and Disraeli die. Alma-Tadema paints Sappho and Alcaeus. Renoir paints Luncheon of the Boating Party.
Writes Valse oubliée no.2, Hungarian Rhapsody no.16, La lugubre gondola I & II. Attends premiere of Parsifal. Brahms sends Liszt his Piano concerto in B flat for the master's comments. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Stravinsky, Kodály & N.C.Wyeth born. Balakirev writes Tamara. Sigmund Freud joins psychiatric clinic in Vienna.
Conducts memorial concert for Wagner. Writes R.W.-Venezia, Am Grabe Richard Wagners, Mephisto polka, Mephisto waltz no.3, Valse oubliée no.3, Unstern. Liszt attends Benvenuto Cellini in Leipzig with Olga von Meyendorff. Wagner and Karl Marx die. Mussolini and Webern born. Bruckner writes Symphony no.7.
Writes two Csárdas, Valse oubliée no.4 and several religious works. Liszt's eyes grow weak and two hours of work causes strain. Christus, St. Elisabeth and Gran Mass receive performances. Friedheim and Siloti perform Faust and Dante Symphonies for two pianos in Leipzig. Liszt meets artist Arnold Bocklin in Florence. Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra first published. Smetana dies. Massenet writes Manon.. Chekhov graduates from Moscow University. Rodin works on The Burghers of Calais.
Writes Mephisto waltz no.4, Hungarian Rhapsodies 18 & 19, Historical Hungarian Portraits, En reve Nocturne, Concerto Pathétique . Berg is born. Victor Hugo and Hiller die. Brahms writes Symphony no.4. Alma-Tadema paints Expectations which wins him a gold medal in Paris Expo in 1889. Cézanne paints View of Gardanne.
The Grand Old Master travels to London for several honorary, and highly charged, celebrations. Meets Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria who gives him a bust of herself. Meets Claude Debussy in Paris as several concerts of Liszt's music gain astonishing attention and acclaim. Liszt suffers from dropsy. Liszt attends Wagner festival in Bayreuth falls seriously ill and comments, "I do not believe I shall get up from here." Several of Liszt's devote pupils flock to be near their beloved master. Liszt dies with pneumonia as Cosima buries her father then continues with the festivities. Statue of Liberty unveiled. Ponchielli dies. Ages of fellow composers: Balakriev-49, Bartók-6, Boito-44, Borodin-52, Brahms-53, Bruckner-61, Bulow-56, Busoni-20, Cui-51, Debussy-23, Dukas-20, Dvorák-44, Elgar-39, Fauré-41, Franck-63, Grieg-43, Holst-11, Leoncavallo-29, Mahler-26, Mascagni-22, Paderewski-25, Puccini-27, Rachmaninoff-13, Ravel-11, Rimsky-Korsakov-42, Saint-Saens-50, Schoenberg-11, Scriabin-14, Sibelius-20, J.Strauss II-60, R.Strauss-22, Stravinsky-4, Tchaikovsky-46, Verdi-72.

Timeline Age 0-36

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