Midi Music : Consolation #3
Orchestrated by Rich DiSilvio


I would like to mention some of the people that have dedicated their lives to furthering the awareness of Franz Liszt. In my endeavors I have come across many, yet these three stand out...

Christina Kiss  is a phenomenal, Hungarian-American pianist currently performing the entire Liszt piano literature at Carnegie Hall. To date, she has performed well over 600 Liszt works in concert, which is more than any other performer. I'm honored to know and witness this gracious and talented woman. A super-star personality in every respect, Christina's Liszt Cycle is akin to climbing Mount Everest.

Alan Walker  is a musicologist of major historical importance. Author of several fine books, Alan's epic trilogy of Liszt (published by Alfred A. Knopf) is exhausting in the sheer breath of investigative work that has uncovered many hidden truths about Liszt. Luckily, we've corresponded many times. He is the Professor of Music at McMaster University, which is located in Canada.

Leslie Howard 
President of the Liszt Society in London and world renowned for his historic mission of recording Liszt's entire catalog for piano on Hyperion Records. Although Howard is no Horowitz, the fact remains that Leslie recorded all of them....and hopefully other pianists will hear one, or many pieces, and be inspired to breathe new passion and life into these gems that were lost to time by pure prejudice and/or neglect. To see a complete list of Leslie's recordings of Liszt visit Hyperion.

As a gesture of my appreciation for their undying devotion to Franz Liszt they all received a Franz Liszt plate from my Pantheon of Composers porcelain collection and a special place here on The Franz Liszt Site. I thank them all once again.

Regarding my Liszt portrait, Christina Kiss kindly said,
"The supreme craftsmanship and quality of your studio is rare indeed. All who see it are immediately drawn to hold and comment on it's distinctive radiance and resplendent elegance. The spirit of Liszt is within it for sure." A great compliment from a great pianist. That comment alone made my efforts worthwhile.

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