Short Stories III

Short Stories II

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Short Stories II: Mysteries, Thrillers & Historical

SHORT STORIES II features a rich collection of mysteries, thrillers and historical works from multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio. Also included are three short narratives from his acclaimed Tales of Titans series.

This superb 3X Gold Award-Winner debuts two intriguing mysteries featuring the charismatic and clever private eye, Armand Arnolfini, as he investigates baffling art-related crimes involving forgery and theft; a spine-chilling tale about John Vagis in the heart-wrenching and unforgettable nightmare, Trapped; a moving tale of two airmen during the Korean War with an unexpected and edifying twist; historical narratives featuring such notables as Augustus Caesar, FDR and Winston Churchill, as well as other engaging tales that will keep readers glued to the pages.

For those not acquainted with DiSilvio’s larger works, this edition makes a fine introduction to the mysterious, historical, and thrilling mind of the author.

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Short Stories II by Rich DiSilvio is an eclectic collection of tales ranging from the Roman era to the 19th century right up to the modern day.

Well-written with a cast of extraordinary characters, it is a book that you will dip into time and again. A fine collection of tales with many twists and turns, surprising and informative revelations and passages that will make you pause to think.

Filled with good dinner party anecdotes, this collection ensures that you will not fail to be enthralled by Mr DiSilvio’s storytelling and penmanship. This is my first encounter with this author’s work but I will certainly make a point of looking out for his books in the future.

Charles Remington for Readers' Favorite


This book of short stories is Rich DiSilvio in full form. I recently read another book of his, and truth be told, this man does have something special. The stories he weaves are pure treasure! — Priyanka Athavale


Well, Rich DiSilvio has become one of my favorite authors. The imaginative head of this writer is a force to be reckoned with. It is so rich (ha, he honors the name) and versatile!. — Jose Popoff


When I first learned award-winning Rich DiSilvio also wrote children’s books I was speechless. I read his compilation of Short Stories part II and he proves, once more, he’s a master at weaving thrilling, exciting stories.

The collection is vast and rich, my favorite story: The Russian Link. Think of a modern Sherlock Holmes, living in New York in the seventies, solving crimes while listening to Pink Floyd. It can’t get any cooler than that.

The book unveils DiSilvio ample knowledge of Art and History. His vocabulary is impeccable and seems to help recreate the ambiance of his stories. In the case of The Russian Link: New York’s Golden Era.

Other stories are quite more horrifying, not quite my style. Nonetheless, reading DiSilvio will a) Make you learn and b) Turn you into a forever devotee of his work. I totally recommend this book!
Lorenza Seldner


The stories in this collection cover a broad spectrum. From the art world we have stories on art forgery, as well as the black market for stolen art begun with the Nazi plunder in World War II. Drama plays out in another story of a seemingly routine traffic court appearance with an unexpected conclusion. A fourth story concerns a man in a coma and the right to life. A final story concerns two Korean War fighter pilots on a deadly mission.

All of these stories have bigger themes in play than just the surface story. Fate, injustice (and how we respond to it), looking past the agenda of others to think for ourselves and find the truth of a situation; I think these stories ask us to question these things within ourselves. Many times, I found myself wondering if this is how I would have acted if it was me in the story.

One final aspect of Short Stories II that I thought was great fun was the author’s use of an alter-ego, Silvio Riccadella, in a story that seems to have evolved from a separate art project the author did in conjunction with the Metropolitan Opera. Very clever!

If you are intrigued by the literature of Rich DiSilvio, the Short Stories books are kind of like the shallow end of a big pool; easy to test the water. If you find it agreeable, the deep end awaits will all its mystery and excitement. — Randy Myers


Rich DiSilvio has quickly become one of my go-to authors when I want something with a unique flavor of history or philosophy mixed with excitement and thrill to it without the bogged down middle parts. Every story is a complete tale in its own right, but some of them interconnect for that little something extra that makes the reader engage deeper.

DiSilvio’s books draw you in to their stories and teach you a few facts without you even knowing you are learning. Through tales in this book, like the Phantom Forger where Armand Arnolfini has to solve the mystery of forged priceless paintings, and A Courtroom Calamity, where a bit of legalese and humor combine to tell a short story of the seriousness of what happens when you are just a few minutes late for something, DiSilvio keeps us turning the page. — A. Cannady


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