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DiSilvio has a knack, even a heartfelt desire, it seems, to carry the reader into the time and space of the stories he creates and he has accomplished that feat once again in Tales of Titans.

He carefully crafts words and weaves them into cogent sentences that lead to emotionally thrilling adventures in whatever he writes. This work, as the title implies, carries the reader into an era that spans from Augustus to Leonardo and the stories inspire a desire to dig deeper into history and understand its implications for our modern world.

I warmly recommend this thought-provoking book to anybody who is seeking a walk down history lane. -- Steve Painter regarding Volume I

It is my honest opinion that books such as these would be a perfect learning tool; inspiring our youth to dig further into the lives of these individuals

DiSilvio is quick to explain his short dramatizations; as in, to what percent each has been fictionalized, including firm details of actual conversations and/or how no specific records exist, using instead, the outcome to fictionalize his historical short. This is a wonderful way to enjoy history! -- Linda Munro

Tales of Titans is the set of history books I wish I had in my long-ago school days (or at least a complement to the dry tomes that were foisted upon us).

What I think is particularly shrewd with Tales of Titans is its use, in the majority of cases, of fictional scenes that bring these titans to life, that makes them current. By that I mean we are presented with fictional, but plausible, scenes from their lives written in the present tense. These aren’t past tense descriptions of things that happened hundreds of years ago; no, they are depictions of things happening right now for the reader.

Equally important, is that the dialogue is written in the modern vernacular. What better way is there for me or, more importantly, a young student being introduced to history to understand and relate to these great figures and want to learn more about them? They’re speaking just like I do!

To this day, though I fervently want to read and understand Shakespeare, I am still put off by the language barrier. English though it may be, it is not in a form that is accessible to me. I need Shakespeare in the modern vernacular to help draw me in. Though much of the beauty of his language may be lost, it would help draw me in and be captivated by stories that otherwise remain beyond reach. It would be a “foot in the door” to create a passion for understanding Shakespeare’s genius.

This is what Tales of Titans does, in my opinion. It provides that “foot in the door” for a passionate affair with history. The point is it makes you want to learn more, and an uninformed opinion is just propaganda.

For other laypeople like myself with an interest in learning of the great individuals that have shaped our world, but feel overwhelmed how to begin, Tales of Titans is the “foot in the door” that you need. -- Randy Myers

Tales of Titans in 3 Volumes

Tales of Titans, by award-winning author Rich DiSilvio, brings great historical figures to life with concise yet compelling essays, coupled with engaging narratives that enlighten readers to their miraculous deeds, and misdeeds, that have significantly shaped Western civilization.

This handsomely illustrated series offers readers brief biographical overviews and cogent analysis, while the quasi-fictional scenarios transport readers into a fascinating past, whereby putting flesh on the bones of several titans and offering glimpses into their hearts, minds, and actions.

Even those less inclined to read history will be drawn into DiSilvio's rich narratives that read like novelettes. Yet these engaging tales are constructed from actual events and are infused with original quotes that prove to be both humanizing and instructional. Meanwhile the essays offer unique factoids and perspectives that broaden understanding.

Tales of Titans, Vol. I : From Rome to the Renaissance
Augustus & Livia, Vespasian & Titus, Hadrian, Constantine, Dante, Brunelleschi, Columbus, Vespucci, King Ferdinand, Pope Alexander VI & Cesare Borgia, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Tales of Titans, Vol. II: From the Renaissance to the Electro/Atomic Age
The Medicis, Gutenberg, Lorenzo de Medici, Savonarola, Leonardo & Machiavelli, Martin Luther, Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Galileo, Darwin, Marx, Stalin, Freud, Marconi, Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, Einstein, Fermi and von Braun.

Tales of Titans, Vol. III: Founding Fathers, Women Warriors & WWII
Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Sybil Ludington, James Armistead Lafayette, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Adolf Hitler, FDR & Churchill

For those who love learning about great historical figures in a new and exciting format, or those who simply don't have the time to read lengthy biographies, this collection is for you!

Tales of Titans Vol. I

Tales of Titans V1

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Tales of Titans V2
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Tales of Titans V2
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