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+"The Winds of Time is a mesmerizing narrative of civilization’s journey thus far. DiSilvio is a fervent scholar of the past with a refreshing outlook rooted in common sense and practical analysis.

He successfully debunks the current trend today among some scholars of negating the profound influence of the Renaissance because the era was confrontational in spirit and counter to contemporary pacifist ideology. DiSilvio’s research and creative touches turn what often is a droll exercise by narrow minded scholars into what history is and ought to be; “The Winds of Time” is a great story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this incredible book. Thumbs up all the way.”
- Truby Chiaviello, publisher of Primo magazine

An Exciting Addition: "I have always had a great love for comprehensive histories, and have read The Winds of Time with great delight. It's an exciting addition to my collection." - John J. La Corte, Ph.D. Philosophy professor

"One word, and that word is simply "amazing".  Amazing captures my reaction to the scope and sheer knowledge contained in The Winds of Time. Rich DiSilvio is a true Renaissance Man, and in his veins runs the blood of Dante, Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

This book speaks to a longing I have long had that our precious Western heritage is being ignored and dismissed by those academicians who are unworthy of either the places they hold or the responsibility for the young minds in their care. In that sense, by writing this book DiSilvio is in a very real sense the caretaker of our heritage. It is truly one of the most worthwhile books that I have recently read & I feel it should be on everyone's bookshelf."
- Rudy Carmenaty, NY Attorney

The Winds of Time offers a wealth of information on how Italian cultural heritage informs Western civilization. Of particular interest to me is how it invites the reader to think critically and analytically about the events within the Roman Empire that affect our lives today." - Dr. Gilda Rorro Baldassari (Commissioner of the NJ Italian American Heritage Commission)

The Winds of Time: Shakespeare’s “What’s past is prologue” postulates that what has happened in the past sets the scene for the greatness that follows if one builds on the lessons of history. But this greatness can be either good or evil as accurately defined by DiSilvio in The Winds of Time. No one denies the evil greatness of Hitler, or of his polar opposite, Washington. Both played world-tipping roles that helped shape western civilization, and the knowledge learned from studying their influence as well as others detailed in the book, should be re-visited often to ensure our compass remains pointed due North.

DiSilvio points out that many of the same conditions and circumstances from the past have formed again and critical decisions have to be made. It will take a titan to lead us safely through the land mines if our western civilization, our way of life, is to survive. DiSilvio’s precise analysis lights the path – will we follow it? A great, engaging read! - Ben F. publisher

+The Winds of Time by Rich DiSilvio is 736 pages of history and historical analysis. It is rooted in the idea that the Grecophiles of historical commentary are mistaken in their notions of the debt Western History owes to the Greeks. He posits that it was from the more stoical and practical Romans that Western Civilization owes its success. He lays out a good case for this notion, revealing how modern forms of government and economy are based more on the structure of the late Roman Republic and the Early Roman Empire.

Rich DiSilvio uses some interesting forms throughout the book. It is rather a collection of "Commentaries, Biographies, and Narrative Vignettes" than a cohesive history. Yet the value of the "Winds of Time" does not lie in its style, but in its perspectives. The revelations are not derived from new primary sources, but rather from a fresh view of events and how events more than a thousand years past can influence our lives today. Though I did not always agree with Rich DiSilvio, his writing made me think. I was especially interested in his views on Christianity, which are neither apologetic nor revisionist.

A single book encompassing the span from ancient to present can not possibly cover all history in-depth, and it is well that he largely adheres to a theme. Rich DiSilvio picks and chooses characters and events revealing a progress of ideas rooted in Roman pragmatism. He skips over much of the Medieval period. He does, however, dwell on the American founding, and his biographical review of the major players of this seminal event makes the knowledgeable reader pause.

Being politically attuned to the current culture, I generally read with an eye to the political tendencies of an author, looking for axes being ground, hunting for gratuitous asides and fatuous commentaries. Reading the "Winds of Time" I did not get the feeling that DiSilvio had a political agenda, even though he certainly has a perspective and perhaps an historical agenda (purging notions about Greek influences, for one thing). On the whole, "The Winds of Time" is well written. The facts and analyses are interesting and thought-provoking. Worth a read.
- W. J. Rayment - Conservative Bookstore

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It is a shame man's social, moral and ethical development fails to keep pace with his technological advances. This book does an excellent job of demonstrating quite clearly how today more than ever, American Society is repeating the mistakes of past civilizations rather than learn from them. If you wonder why it seems as though the 80s was America's last great decade, this book will help explain it to you.

Like the video, but loved the book! This is not your high school teachers' history book. This is an important book for those who want to understand our place in history and how we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

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About the Book

The Winds of Time is a historical tour de force of Western civilization by Rich DiSilvio.

With masterful style, DiSilvio paints a fascinating historical canvas with the flare of a consummate artist. Key figures and the primary cultures that literally shaped the Western world are candidly analyzed, revealing both the dark and luminous sides of mankind. Moreover, DiSilvio's robust tome was written "From and For a New American Perspective," as many insights about America's founding, growth, and current quagmires are perceptively presented, adding new and intriguing dimensions to the historical record.

While most books on Western civilization merely reiterate history, The Winds of Time, in contrast, analyzes key people, cultures, and eras to connect the dots that have been missed, intentionally or mindlessly revised, or simply omitted from this grand storyline. Moreover, with America's future and very survival in mind, Rich DiSilvio provides us with many lessons and warnings that only the past can provide.

Proceeding chronologically, The Winds of Time coherently carries the reader up through the ages, while taking periodic respites to reveal crucial correlations to other eras, and to America in particular. DiSilvio covers great political and religious leaders and seminal doers; including Plato - Aristotle - Julius Caesar - Augustus - Jesus Christ - St. Paul - Irenaeus - Constantine - Dante - Da Vinci - Brunelleschi, Machiavelli - Columbus - King Ferdinand - the Medici family - Pope Julius II - Pope Alexander VI - Queen Elizabeth - Shakespeare - Gutenberg - Martin Luther - George Washington - Thomas Jefferson - Ben Franklin and other key founders - Darwin - Marx - Freud - Edison - Einstein - von Braun - Marconi - Hitler - Stalin, and a healthy assortment of American presidents leading up to George W. Bush.

In addition to the inspiration gained by these titans, many obscure facts have been revealed that will challenge the reader to not idly accept the many myths and deceptions that have also prevailed upon The Winds of Time. A must-read for any American that appreciates an unsugarcoated account of Western civilization.

An Analytical Study of the Titans Who Shaped Western Civilization
by Rich DiSilvio





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